June 17, 2009

One Last Party!!!

I have been behaving myself for at least a year now. No booze, all good things all the time... Well very limited alcohol! Urrrghhh Boring!!! My brother's girlfriend was having a party on Saturday that was to benefit Breast Cancer. It was "Girls Night In"! The idea was you are to donate the amount of $ you would spend on a Girls Night Out! Here's the really fun part! We were to dress up in either Brides Maids dresses or our wedding dress. Well there was no way I was going to get my dress out of it's show box! So I picked up a tacky little dress at Val.ue Vill.age for $12... And rocked it! Oh did I mention I was drinking bottled Margaritas and doing shots... Bad idea!!! I had a great time until 2 am... That's when everything came back to haunt me... I threw up for 12 hours.... The horror!!! And I had to work on Sunday! Nice!!!
Did I mention than the party was 3 hours away... That's right we had to drive back the next morning at 7am. I was in the backseat using grocery bags for car sick bags, while JD cringed and drove! Thankfully at 9 he called my employee and got him to cover my shift. I definitely remember why drinking wasn't a hard thing to give up during the ttc journey. My body hates alcohol! Especially TEQUILA!!!
Well I figure hopefully it will be my last time to drink for quite awhile. I'm trying to be very positive that this is going to work... Even though I can't even type the 'p' word... More on that journey later....

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