June 28, 2009

Day 1!

Apparently all I need is 1 night of Provera! LOL! I guess AF was hanging just around the corner. Kind of funny though, I'm actually happy about it. It means I'm not fully into menopause yet! Woot! Woot! Doesn't mean I'm going to try with my own eggs, but I feel a little less broken today! Now I have to contact the Donor Coordinator and let them know, and my clinic so they can call in my prescription for b/c... And so it begins...
Tonight though I'm am going out with a longtime friend, who I haven't seen in 4 years! He moved to Calgary 4 years ago. But he's back in town for the night so we are going to take him out to The K.eg for dinner, and catch up. We will not be telling him what we are preparing to do, at least I don't think we will. I'll leave that up to JD. Our friend is very, very religious, and I don't think his religion is very accepting of ART technologies. So I'd rather not share and make it uncomfortable. Saying that though my employee is Muslim and he's rather excited at what we are doing. He's told me in his culture this would not be accepted, but that doesn't mean he can't support us in our goal. I love Laser!!! He's just a wonderful man, father, friend and employee. We really are pretty fortunate with the people we've chosen to surround ourselves with. They are a breath of fresh air at times!

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