November 22, 2016

Viva Las Vegas!

We have just gotten back from our yearly trip to LasVe.gas!  Love that place!  I say 'yearly', when in fact this is only the 2nd year that we've gone, but we have established that this is going to be an ongoing 'adult' trip with my parents and another couple.  We have such a great time together.  If I can give any of you future Rock N Roll runners a tip ... it is this.. Do NOT expect to be where you set a pr!  Especially if you reside up North in Canada where our elevation is only approx 700 ft. You will find you are sucking some major wind on this run.  That and the fact that it's a night run in VEGAS!  Oh did I mention Vegas!  Lol!  Where the drinks and food flow!

No speed records were set, actually I set my WORST run time ever there!  Do I care?  Nope!!  It is so much fun.  And I'm so proud of myself for actually running it.  Even Jordan was all over me "Let's skip it babe?!"  I said no!  I'm committed to running this and I'm running it.  It's my closing run of the season, so there is NO way I am eating the race entry fee.  Not when I've had to drop out of so many races in the last year (health issues).

So to those that are wondering, yes I am still running and cycling.  I definitely am not able to train like I have in the past.  I've had quite a few set backs.  I fractured 3 ribs in 6 places last summer (with a sneeze?!?!?  I know!  WTF?!?!?)  And I've had some kidney issues that are unfortunately an ongoing issue still.  3 weeks prior to the rib fiasco I had 6 kidney stones.  Nightmare!!!  Then the ribs, which I was misdiagnosed 3x.  And reinjured continually.  They have now healed but I have an edge that sticks out right at the breast where one did not heal properly.  We've also uncovered some issues with the kidneys, that require further testing (possible metabolic disorder), but I have been an idiot for the last year and not finished the testing....  I was hanging by a thread, dealing with pain management, parenting, working out and school.  I had to put the specialist appointments on the back burner.  And now it's been a full year and I need to get my shit together as the flank pain is getting worse, and now I'm starting to worry.  I mean the MRI was

School.  Oh school!  I'm done!  Thank the Lord above I am done!  My last semester was torture.  I overloaded myself with courses (took 2 extra), and barely had time to think.  My one class alone monopolized 18 hours of work per week.  It was insane.  But I finished the semester with some great marks!  And I'm just finishing up my final work term.  I'm back where I co-oped last winter.  And it ends Dec 23.  I've had no offer to stay on...I don't know if one is coming.  I have an exit interview coming up, so if one is coming it'll happen then. be honest, if they don't offer me something I don't think I'll be that unhappy.  Sure I'll be disappointed, as I know it's a reflection of my capabilities, and I've enjoyed working here, I thought I was a good personality fit with the IT team (18 of us). BUT I miss my girls.  And I'm working 1 hour away from home.  Which means I'm out of the house with the girls at daycare from 7 - 6:20 every day.  It's too much, with them being so little still.  Part time work would be perfect.  I started sending out resumes 2 weeks ago.  I don't know.  We'll see what the future holds.

There have been a lot of things going on in my life that I have come on here to share and then left the post sitting in my drafts.  I'm such an inconsistent blogger that I just feel like, who cares anymore!? But you know I started this blog for myself.  So I'm updating where we are at this moment, with health and career.  I'll post again soon and update you on some of the other changes in my life.

Much Love!
Karen (ks)

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