November 10, 2016

Updates (Lola & Lucy)

I know I'm a terrible blogger about keeping up my site, but I'm not going to close up shop.  I don't know how many people still read here or even ever followed me.   That was never the reason I started this blog, this was my place to come and get my thoughts out about my infertility journey.  And each wicked turn that it took us on.  Now that I am on the other side, it doesn't make me any less infertile. I'm still fighting with my Dr's.  I'm currently trying to get a referral back to a new RE.  I still have POF - premature ovarian failure.  I still long for more children.  Right now though that is not going to happen. 

Time to update you on the girls!

Lola.  Oh my goodness!  This little girl is just ALL heart.  She is the sweetest little girl.  We couldn't have asked a better big sister for Lucy.  Lola is in SK now, and learning new things at warp speed. She is working very hard on reading on her own, and is constantly practicing her addition and subtraction.  It is just incredible watching her enthusiasm for learning.  I LOVE it!  She is on the competition team again at dance.  And this year she will also be doing a trio number.  She is working very hard on her trio.  She understands she only has 5 practices and then they are on the stage, so she is really making sure that she gets in 15-20 minutes of practice a night.  (I taped her last class and just toss it up onto the TV).  She is also doing gymnastics again.  We had taken the summer off of gymnastics and that turned out to be a mistake.  She was very mad at us about her not being in it in the summer.  But summer was so expensive for classes, and the schedule didn't work that well with my class schedule.  We ended up buying the girls a trampoline at the end of the summer.  Heaven knows why we didn't do this sooner.  Lola LOVES the trampoline!  And her gymnastics has gotten a lot better the more time she spends on it.  Her legs are getting stronger and her confidence is building. She is still just a petite little thing.  She's only 38 lbs and about 3 feet 6 inches.  She is wearing size 5 clothing but it has to be adjustable or her pants will fall down.  I realized the other day that she was still wearing some size 3 pj's.  Oooops!  I really need to go pj shopping.

She's had a fabulous summer and is rocking right on through the start of her school year.  She started to enjoy going for bike rides more and more.  She's still not ready to try it without the training wheels and she is still slower on her bike than baby sister, but we have made huge progress on the bike!  She loves swimming, water slides and roller coasters.  Her favorite family fun days were the beach or Canada's Wonderland.  Which we really tried to get out and enjoy as much as possible.

Lola is really into her family.  ALL of her family.  She begs to go see her Nana, Ahah, cousins, Grandma & Grandpa.  She likes her friends too, but she really cherishes her family.  I don't know where or who has imparted this into her, but I love it.  Family is everything to me.  My family is kind of fractured and it breaks my heart, so the ones that are close to us, I hold very close.  Maybe she picks up on this from me?!?!?

I could go on and on about LolaBean.  She really is just the sweetest treasure.  JD and I have always said we are going to be mending a broken heart every week when she is a teenager, but I wouldn't change a thing.  I'm so excited to see what her future will be like.  She is going to be a healer in some way.  Whether she is a teacher or nurse, or whatever, she will always be THAT friend that you call when you need a hug.

Now onto Lucy...  Oh Lucy!  Oh my Goosey!
She is ...  well she's Lucy Lu.  She's a comedian through and through.  Her timing is incredible.  Her smart little wit is shocking for a 3 year old.  She keeps us on our toes daily.  Lucy is in preschool 2 now and loves it.  She's been to Lola's school twice now this year and she is super excited to attend it next year.  She got a little disappointed when we informed her that no she wouldn't be in Lola's class.  They seem to not understand that the 2 year difference is not going to change.  Lol!

Lucy weighs in at 26.8 lbs and she is about 3'2 height.  So they are both tiny little girls.  But they are healthy and happy, so there is no concern.  They're just petite.  Lucy is insistent she only wear size 3 and 4 clothes.  She LOVES it when she gets to wear Lola's 4t clothes!  I can just see the fights that are coming in our future.  Oh boy!

Lucy is a very athletic little girl.  I was a very athletic young girl so I had really hoped my girls would be too.  Lola loves to be active but she's super uncoordinated as of yet, but her drive is there so she'll get better.  But Lucy, oh my goodness Lucy!  Lola played ball this year and Lucy was insistent at practice that she play too, so the coach would let her.  Dang nammit Lucy was way better than Lola! Lol!  So Lucy is in PlayBall 1x week (3rd time 8 week session), pre-dance (ballet basics) and gymnastics.  And she is flourishing in gymnastics.  I have a feeling she will be asked to join their regional team in another year.  She is fearless on the bars.  And with having a trampoline she's building up her core muscles and doing much better on floor as well.

Her speech is incredible.  Totally legible.  We still have work to do on the 'th' sound, but it'll get there. She still has a gap in the front of her teeth.  I'm surprised actually as I know Lola's was gone at this point.  We read stories almost every night and we are starting to try to teach her her sight words.  I really don't think we have much to worry about with Lola or Lucy and school though.  These girls seem to soak up information and LOVE learning new things.  I think because they saw me go back to school and learn a new talent, they have a good understanding that education can lead to many new adventures.  Well at least that's what we try to teach them.  We are really trying to get them both excited about science and experiments.  Not because I want them to do anything with it, but science is at the root of most of the greatest inventions in our time!  Anyway...

I'd like to leave you with a little Lucy video Jordan (JD) and I captured the other night.  I hope it makes you laugh like I did! (see the next post for the video)

Much Love
Karen (ks)

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It's so great to read a post from you! Your girls sound delightful.

What's new with YOU? Did you ever finish school? Have you been running?