July 13, 2016

Growing Up

The girls are growing up like little weeds.  Lola is now 5 years old and Lucy is 3.  We are down to one diaper a day.  Just on Lucy for bed time, and that's because she is such a heavy sleeper.  Lola danced competitively this year and she did wonderful.  She LOVES dancing on the stage.  Both girls are into gymnastics, so much so that we have pvr'd the trials for the Olympics and they watch it over and over again.   Lola is also playing her first year of t-ball this year.  At first she loved it.  But as our summer has gotten hotter and hotter, her interest is waning.  Doesn't help that her uniform is 3 sizes too big for her.  She's still just a wee little peanut.  Lucy wants to play t-ball and has on occasion gone into the field during Lola's practice to fetch balls for the team.  She is actually better as t-ball than Lola!  Lol!  AND the gymnastics coach thinks that Lucy is much better at gymnastics.  Uh!  Oh! We've actually just signed Lucy up for gymnastics throughout the summer to keep her momentum going.  And this is going to be her first time without Mommy walking beside her while she does it. And knowing that she is not the most socially comfortable kid, this could prove challenging and we think summer would be the better time to get her adjusted.

I think all of this is where my want for a small little baby is coming from.  There are no cuddle monsters in my house.  We have to beg for hugs and kisses.  Lol!

The girls are the best of friends and the worst of enemies.  Exactly what I always wanted.  Siblings that are each other's everything.  They both have asked for a baby brother.  Actually Lola told me that someone is missing from our house...  THAT statement made me pause.  As yes sweetheart there is. Baby B should be here.  And is forever in my heart and thoughts.  She still doesn't really know about everything, she's still too little to understand.  She knows our story but understanding and knowing are two very different things.  I read them the Donor books all the time.  They always ask for the baby bunny book "like mommy and daddy baby book!"  As they so sweetly ask.  Gosh these kids surprise me at every turn.  Their comprehension, their compassion and their ability to make sense of information and adapt it.  For example yesterday a stray cat wandered onto our property, trapped a mouse and was doing what cats do...torture and kill.  When I explained to the girls what had happened and that it was a cats nature, Lola stopped looked at me and said "So Mommy now the mouse is up in heaven with Maddie?"  I said "yes" she said "oh okay good, Maddie likes mice!"  My LOVE!  I just love watching them flourish and grow.  

Anyway..enough chatter.  Here are some current pictures.

Much Love!

Lucy at ballet!                                        

A day at Canada's Wonderland

ks & JD enjoying a Jay's game!  Go Jay's GO!!!!

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S said...

Cute! Thanks for sharing photos!!

Several months ago, our twin sons went through a period where they were constantly referring to "our little sister." They do not have, and have never had, another sibling of either gender, nor do we intend for them to. :-)