February 25, 2015

February Blahs!

Oh this month has been a tough one!  The entire month!  JD had no staff for the majority of February, so he was working 7 days a week.  My schedule this semester calls for me to have 2 night where class starts at 5 and goes until 8.  (there was nothing I could do, every schedule had late nights!)  We are trying to save money on daycare so, JD is home with the girls from Wed - Fri.  They go to the sitter on Monday and Tuesday.  I had talked to her about February in early Jan.  She agreed she would take the girls as much as possible, but she would not cover my night classes.  Even though they were only going to be there from 4-6:30 (I supply their dinner).  Thank God my girlfriend came through, and she brought over her 2 year old, and watched the girls until JD got home.  Well...mind you I missed 3 classes this month because they were sick (because my sitter allowed a mom to bring her 2 year old when her 3 year old was home with 103 fever.  And yes he was showing signs of being sick.)  So check!  Stressor number 1 of the month.  

The middle two weeks of February I had 5 major assignments due (all worth 25%) and 4 mid terms.  On top of regular weekly labs, and 2 quizzes!  Stressors 2, 3, 4, 5...!

I'm trying to get back into my running, while introducing cycling and getting my (anxiety ridden) butt into the pool to swim...because let's not forget (stupidly) I entered to do a 1/2 ironman this summer!  Stressor #6.  I have discovered that yes I do have a problem in the water...It's all mental..I get very panicky in the water, the only way past this is time in the pool, but dang it is so hard!  I'm a good swimmer, but my adrenaline just screams and my heart races the entire time I am in the water.

And let's not forget it's the tail end of a horribly long cold month here in Ontario Canada.  If we don't get any above average temps soon, this will be the coldest February in history.  It's been bitter, grey, gloomy, painfully cold this month.  It is effecting us all.  I had 4 days where the girls and I did not leave the house.  And when we do leave the house, you RUN to the car that has been trying to warm up for 30 minutes (and it's still cold).  The house is so dry that we are forced to braid our hear or wear it up, because the static is insane.  We get shocks on our bums when we sit to peepee!  Lol!  My knuckles are cracked and bleeding, the skin on my face is taking a beating.  I've had to start using coconut oil in my hair and limit washing it to every 3 days.  I smell of vitamin E cream constantly.  Omega's, Vitamin B and D are being taken every day...


It will get better.  Next week we change the clocks, which means more daylight.  And usually that means we actually start seeing sunshine.  And warm sunshine, not the deceiving ice blue skies with the wiffs of white flying in the air (from the 60km/h winds).  Every year there is one hard month that JD and I just have to buckle down and ride through.  Last year it was January, this year it is February. Thank golly it was a short month!  Lol!  

Oh and I totally forgot about the night terrors and midnight projectile vomits!  Oh Bwahahahah!  What a month!  Seriously!  It's no wonder I still look like an extra for the walking dead!  Lol!  

Anyway, long and short.  Crappy month, but hey!  I blogged!  I miss my little piece of the world here.  Hopefully life keeps giving me little moments where I can come here and share my life with all of you.  The wonderfully normal life after Infertility.  I do have a post coming about the after shocks that are left in your marriage after going through Infertility.  

Much Love!

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