May 15, 2014

Hello 36!

Tomorrow is my birthday!  :)

I'll be 35 for the second time!  Lol! 

I'm in full party planning mode right now.  Lola's birthday in 3 weeks.  Lucy's in 6.  And both girls are getting christened in the middle.  We are doing an all in one birthday/christening party!  So yeah we are busy.

I'll have a proper post coming soon!  I swear technology hates me!  I'm struggling with it all to cooperate!  LOL!  First world problems! 

Must dash!

Much Love!


1 comment:

J o s e y said...

Happy early birthday!

Your post is different than what's in my reader, but I was going to say that you should try to turn off the touch pad. On my laptop you double tap the top left corner of it and it turns off. If you don't use it (and use a mouse instead) it'd be worth a quick google search for how to turn it off!