February 7, 2014

LifeStyle Change - 1 Month In

Okay so it has really been 5 weeks, but whateves!  I've had some major set backs over the course of these 5 weeks.  But that is to be expected.  I had a lot of change to my body all at once.
I stopped breast feeding.  I stopped taking dom.peri.done and my anti anxiety meds.  I got my first AF since Lucy was born.  The whole house was sick, including me (I puked so hard I had blood).  And then we put down our sweet Maddie after 14 years together. 
Now most normal people would lose a pile of weight being sick and depressed, from lack of eating.  But not this chickita!  You see when I get emotional (depressed) I don't eat and then I tend to have one meal a day of pure starch, carb and fat...y'know comfort food.  So I gain weight.  With that being said I take any loss I've had over the 5 weeks as a major positive as I have really struggled and really fluctuated.  Even yesterday I didn't meet my protein or veggie requirements for the day. 
Now onto the stats.  Keep in mind I'm vertically challenged at a whopping 5'2!
Starting Weight : January 1
153 lbs.
Today's Weight : February 7
145 lbs. 
Total Lost
8 lbs.
My BMI has gone from 28 down to 26.5.  I'm still classified as over weight, but it's okay.  It's moving in the right direction. 
Now how do I feel?
I feel good most days.  I don't feel strong yet...yet is the operative word.  I've gotten into a bit of a routine at the gym.  Which helps.  I'm still not getting as much time there as I would like as Lucy is having some separation anxiety issues.  But we are working on that.  I get about 3 runs in a week and 2 weight classes.  I'm also getting 1 baby and me aqua fit class.  So not too bad. 
I'm signing up for a 12.5 km trail run for April 26th.  It'll be my first race of the year and it will be my first big run ever.  I've only ever attempted 5 km's.  So that is big for me.  I did my first 5 km run this week.  I was hoping to do one more this week, but...yesterday was an emotional wreck of a day for me and today I just don't want to...Maybe later...But this morning I have to go to the nutritionist and then the opening ceremonies for the Olympics starts.  Yes I'm an Olympic junky!  Lol!  I'm wearing all the Canada gear today.  I've got my flags on my van.  We are ready to cheer the athletes on!
I will post a picture later.  I guess it will be my starting picture as I didn't take one at the very beginning.  And I also want to post a picture of my new tattoo.  I got one for Maddie on the back of my neck last week.  Anyway must dash, Lucy is having a fit!  (she's totally off schedule today, so I have no idea if she is hungry or tired?)
Much Love!
If you read my last post.  I made the decision last night to not let said ex friend win by bringing me down.  She can be rude and insensitive if she chooses, but it's up to me on how I let it affect me.  And I'm choosing to move on.  Yes I'm still sad about my dog and stressed about our finances, but we've been through much much worse.  This too shall pass and this too shall make us stronger.


J o s e y said...

Sheesh, 8# loss in 5 weeks is a HUGE amount. I know you've had a lot going on, but I'd say that's a success (as long as you're doing it heathily!). Good luck getting back into a routine that includes eating all the foods your nutritionist is recommending. Can't wait to see pics!

Michelle D said...

You are awesome! I'm always impressed with how much dedication you have to exercise and be healthy. Keep up the great work. And good for you with move on and can do attitude.