February 26, 2014

Jumble of thoughts...

I've come here about 6 times in the last week.  I've started posts, finished posts, and then deleted them.  I don't know what's going on with me.  I've got a serious case of the BLAHS!  I think it is this winter.  We have had non stop snow, ice, and -20 plus wind chill weather since November.  I'm tired of it.  I noticed this last week that my coloring is off.  My face looks so pale.  And the dark circles under my eyes are just getting darker and darker.  I feel like I look like I've aged 10 years in the last 2 months.  Which means...it's time to get my TSH run.  Crap!  I bet you any money the reason I can't focus and why my weight loss is so slow is because my thyroid is off again.  Crappity crap crap!
We seem to still be teething in the house.  Which means there isn't a whole lot of sleeping going on.  We are getting up 3-4 times a night.  We are sleep training her again.  But the being woken up 3-4 times a night even for 5 minutes wrecks your whole nights sleep.   And then I drag through the day, praying for a nap while they nap.  And nope!  The little buggers (I love you L and L) are tapping in and out.  One goes down, one gets up.  Or they both go at the same time, and I battle with Lola for a 1/2 an hour, get her sleeping, make my lunch, and then Lucy wakes up.  Never fails.  The minute I sit down with my lunch and a show queued up, Lucy wakes up.  I swear they are trying to break me!  Unfortunately for them I'm unbreakable!  Lol!
Our treadmill was delivered yesterday.  JD set it up today.  I am hitting that tomorrow morning!  I'm so excited.  Tomorrow I have baby and mommy swim at 10, which made getting a run in impossible.  Child mind only from 9-12, Lucy naps until 930, swim is from 10-11, and then changing her...So as you can see there was never anytime on Thursdays to get my work outs in.  Having this available to me in my basement is HUGE!  I'm so excited to get back into a running routine.  I was so happy when I was running 5 days a week.
Now if summer would just get here.  I might be able to get outside, get some much needed vitamin D for myself and my girls!  I guarantee you that would make this whole house a heck of a lot happier. 
Anyway...I'm signing off now.  As I want to delete this post.  It's just a jumble of my thoughts....  Sorry blog friends.  I'll get a much better, more interesting post up soon.

Much Love!


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Michelle D said...

Amen! Summer can't get here quick enough. I'm dying for days at the park, in the splash pool and so on. We have cabin fever here as well. I'm sure it just adds to it though when teething and napping get thrown in. Here's hoping for survival until the sun comes for you :)