January 23, 2014

Go Away Flu!

Heaven help me!  Someone has been sick in this house since Jan 6.  This is insane!  I hate WINTER!  Correction I hate Ontario winters!  We are just getting walloped with frigid temperatures, then snow, then ice, then more snow, then the temps drop again to -40!  It's nuts!
First Lucy had this stomach bug after her shots.  Then Lola caught the flu from the sitter's, she then kindly passed it to myself and JD, and now this morning, right as Lola is on the mend, Lucy starts coughing.  Great!!!!  Just what I wanted. 
Lola hasn't been to the sitter's all week because of this.  She hasn't been well enough for me to even take her to play gym for an hour.  The fever was relentless.  Today she actually started to have nose bleeds.  Thankfully the fever broke on Tuesday night, but she is still coughing and has a ton of snot.  So I've decided to keep her home until Monday when we should be in the clear.  I just don't want it boomeranging around the kids at the sitter's back to my house.
So my gym time was pretty much nil this week.  Especially with me not feeling well either.  But I did drag myself out last night.  I went and ran 4 kms and then hit the sauna for 5 minutes.  I really can't go too long in the sauna (smoker) I can't breath in there!  So my goals this week have not been reached.  I actually went with intentions of running and then doing laps last night, but they didn't have the pool set up for laps like they are supposed to...? 
I'm going again tonight though.  I just can't stand being stuck in this house one more minute.  Plus I'm getting defeated on the weight again.  And if I go to the gym and still don't lose a pound at least I feel better about myself.  Bah who am I kidding it still pisses me off!  Lol!  According to my home scale I am down to 146, but at my nutritionist, I'm still sitting at 149 which is where I have been for 2 weeks there!  I can't believe clothes and my water can make that big of a difference but it does!  Plus it hasn't helped that I have skipped meals.  It's as bad as cheating really.  But I've just been so exhausted from looking after the sickies and not feeling well myself that I don't feel like eating. 
I just want every one healthy and happy again!  Then hopefully we can back into some type of routine.  I've already booked a baby sitter for next Saturday night as I know I desperately need a night away from my girls.  I need adult time.  Now it's just a matter of planning something to do!  I guess I should use my limited computer time to search what we can do!

Much Love!


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