December 31, 2013

Day 2 - LC (lifestye change)...LOL!

Well Day 1's dinner didn't go as well as planned.  We ended up eating in the hotel bar at my parents hotel.  So I had a beef dip.  It was small and good.  But not on my meal plan.  But here's the good thing about yesterday.  I made it through day 1. 
Day 2 is starting out pretty good.  So far I've had prunes and a meal replacement shake.  The meal replacement shake is 1 protein, 1 fat and 1 starch.  So it's loaded.  I'm also downing my water like a good girl.  My lunch is going to be 2 cups of lettuce with 1 tablespoon of oil dressing and a 1/2 cup of carrots.  Dinner will be a * bare naked chicken * with asparagus.  And for my snack 1 cup of strawberries.  As of this morning I'm already down 1 lbs. 
I am hungry.  But that's only because I have been overeating all starchy foods for the last 6 months.  And it's going to take awhile for my insulin to balance out my body.  Plus I need to stretch my foods out which is a work in progress.  But every step is a step in the right direction.
I'm planning on hitting the gym on Thursday while my cleaning lady is here.  I hope pray that the girls co-operate.  I need to get back to my running and I absolutely have to get back into the pool!  I have  a little under 7 months to get tri ready.  And no I will not be doing the Olympic tri, I will be doing the small one still.  My swimming is so bad I'd rather take my time and build up to the bigger swims.  I would do an Olympic duo, but not a tri. 
Okay I think I've bent your ears enough today about the lifestyle change.  I have another post rolling around in my head I might just start today.  I don't know.  Lol!  Can you tell none of my babies are sleeping.  I'm killing time with one in the excersaucer beside me right now.  Lol!
*Bare naked chicken*  is a recipe I found with balsamic vinegar, chicken stock, onions, and pepper.  I am going to make it for my first time tonight.  It's from the Best of the Best cookbook series.  I love those books!

Much Love!


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