November 12, 2013

Monsters Under the Bed!

So we think Halloween might have had a bigger impact on Lola than we first thought.  But we aren't 100% sure.  We actually think it's a combination of things.  2 year molars are working their way through right now. The top two have broken through and the bottom two are working their way up.  Apparently teething and nightmares go hand in hand.  Let me tell you it is trying!  With Lucy still up once a night and now Lola three times a night it is challenging.  After about 4 days of this we finally got Lola to tell us what was wrong.  She says there is monsters under her bed.  We looked under the bed all together to try to convince her that it was clear, to no avail.  I talked to any mom I could to try to find a solution and almost all of them said it's just a phase that will pass in about a month.  A MONTH!!!???  OMG!  I think we will lose our minds if this lasts a month.  

My mom thankfully talked to a couple of parents as well about our problem.  And someone had a great idea. Monster Spray!  Fill up a squirt bottle with a lid full of fabric softener and the rest water and spray under the bed and in the closets to keep the monsters away.  So Mommy (this chick) bought some "Monster Spray" (febreez I had in the cupboard).  And let me tell you it WORKS!!!!  We still had a couple of nights where there were tears putting her to bed, but it was 10 minutes one night, then 5 the next, then no tears!  You see it wasn't just sleeping through the night it was also bed time.  Lots of tears and yelling for us to stay with her.  And I'm a big advocate of them being able to self sooth themselves to sleep so No we would not sit in her room until she fell asleep.  We did it the first 2 nights of this nightmare phase and every time she woke up to realize we weren't there was brutal.  That would be one of the nights I got zero sleep.  So now every night we spray under the bed to keep the Monsters away and when Mommy vacuums I vacuum up all the Monster dust to make sure they don't come back.  

We are also going to put up our Christmas decorations really early this year to try to swing her past Halloween.  She is still talking about Halloween and saying "there's nothing scary!"  Which means something has scared her.  Se says some of the cutest things.  Anyway I thought I would share this tip in case anyone else is having problems with Monsters Under the Bed!  

Much Love!



Michelle D said...

I've heard that "monster spray" is great. I haven't used it yet. One of our girls was waking up but seems to have grown out of the stage *crossing fingers*. At least I know if it comes to that we have a fall back now and proof it can work :) Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi! Astrobodine from the other board. Funny that you have this issue since our girls are about the same age. Ally had a similar problem with Halloween. Thankfully no nightmares but ALOT of "It's not scary right mommy. It's just pretend right daddy". Poor thing was traumatized on someone's porch as they had a talking skeleton head we didn't see until it was too late. I like the monster spray as well as bringing on Christmas. We bought Frosty the Snowman (book and DVD) this week and she LOVES frosty. They are amazing little creatures these little girls!