November 23, 2013

4 Months In

And we are adjusting to a family of 4.  It's taken some time.  Not for every one else in the house, but for me. I'm still failing more often than I'd like, but, the girls are thriving, JD is well fed, every one wears clean clothes (except me), so all in all I think I'm doing okay.

Lucy is getting really big.  Considering she was a tiny peanut at birth.  Here is her stats as of 4 months...

Weight : 12 lbs. 11 oz  (up from 5'12 at birth)
Height : 23 1/2 inches  (up from 19 at birth)

She is currently wearing mostly 6 month sleepers and some 3 months onsies.  She has yet to roll over unassisted (Lola pushes her over), but she enjoys tummy time.  She eats cereal 2 times a day and today she had banana!  Still likes to refuse bottles.  Almost exclusively still breast feeding (which is a love/hate for me). She's very interactive.  She giggles but sounds like a dragon or Sheldon (Big Bang) when she does it.  She mostly laughs at Lola.  She doesn't seem to be much of a talker and then one day she'll coo and gab all day!? We are still not sleeping through the night!  Driving us batty.  We are up 1-2 times a night with her.  They are always quick feedings and then back down but still it is draining.  Especially since we are getting up with Lola too through the night. 

Lola and Lucy are on their second colds of the season.  I am still fighting with congestion from the last round of colds.   I actually think Lucy might be teething.  As her cheeks are pretty rosy.  Oh her cheeks!  Oh how I love to nibble on her chubby little cheeks.  I love having a chubby little baby...Lola was always so skinny!  It's different!  And I'm more comfortable this time around so I'm enjoying it a little more.  

It's taken me awhile to adjust as I'm alone so much.  JD is still working 7 days a week.  He leaves at 630 and gets home around 7.  Just when I'm getting Lola ready for bed.  The days are long and challenging with a very active 2 year old, terrible winter weather, and a newborn.  I take Lola to a sitter 2 times a week, just to give Lucy and I a break.  That seems to be working pretty well.  

The breast feeding is stopping in the New Year.  I've had enough.  I'll be sad to stop.  But at the same token I can not loose the weight while I am breast feeding.  I'm not eating enough as it is, so my body is constantly in starvation mode hanging onto every calorie.  And I'm miserable at this weight.  Plus I need Lucy on a more set schedule and my milk production really fluctuates day to today I have very little milk but she still wants to nurse all DAY!  I will write another post about stopping breast feeding as I do have a lot of emotion wrapped around this.

Sorry no pictures yet folks.  I switched phones.  I went from my I phone to the new Samsung and I haven't mastered how to get my pictures all off.  Plus my laptop is a piece of garbage and it takes a 1/2 hour to load Picasso.  Argh!  Too broke to upgrade and too busy to deal with it today.

The new phone is also the reason for my lack of commenting.  I am reading everyone just can't comment. More to come!

Much Love!



Kimberly Q said...

Great to read an update from you! So glad things are going well! I went back and read some of your older posts. I am reassured by the fact that you had a SCH with both girls and they healed and the girls are here safe! I have a 2cm SCH and have been in for bleeding 4 times. I worry about the twins so much so and it reassuring to see your story.

Pam said...

Sounds like you're doing great! And everyone else as well. As for your pictures on the new phone, download the Kies software. Google Samsung Kies. It will let you a) backup your phone which you should, as well a b) transfer data between your PC and your phone. And if there is a new OS available, it will tell you and do the update.