November 1, 2012


First off...Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments.  I love this community.  

The line(s) are still there and getting darker everyday.  Woot!  Woot!  My official beta isn't until Monday November 5th.  SG likes to wait the full 2 weeks!  Arrrgghhh!  But it's okay I have 3 more pee sticks and I plan on picking up on of those fancy digital ones for Monday morning!  LOL!  POAS crazy!  Yes I am!

So this FET was a 5 day blast.  It was thawed at 10am the morning of the transfer.  And the transfer actually took place at 12:30.  SG does assisted hatching with FET's, so they had done that after they thawed it and examined it to make sure it had survived and was dividing again.  I was given a picture of it and that picture is currently in Lola's room below her first picture.  I thought we would keep it there for luck!  

For future reference I am going to do a quick run down of all the symptoms I've had in this 2ww.

  • cramping.
  • sore uterus
  • nausea (started at 4 days post and has continued)
And that's it!  I have no sore tata's.  I've had a few little headaches but I think that's from me not drinking enough water.  My rear end hurts like heck, but also that is from the shots.  The nausea has been the biggest indicator for me.  And that one has been the most unnerving as I only had a little at the very beginning with Lola's pregnancy...and that was only when I was carrying 2.  When I lost baby B the nausea quickly subsided.  

I'm super thankful to have made it this far.  I'm taking everyday as a celebration.  Even if this doesn't go the way we want I will always revel in the fact that we were able to get pregnant twice.  The IF side of me though likes to nag me with what ifs all day.  I just keep pushing them aside though and tell myself that today I am pregnant and I plan on staying that way until I am told otherwise.

We are praying really hard for a great beta on Monday.  And hopefully with fantastic doubling numbers on Wednesday.  I though about calling to see if I could get an earlier blood draw say tomorrow, but thought, no...don't rush it...just enjoy the PUPO phase.  So that's what I'm going to do.

Thanks again Blogger friends for all your warm thoughts and prayers.  I'll keep you all posted!

Much Love!


Oh my gosh I just looked at betabase...I need a 400 or higher on Monday for it to be a good beta!  Oh please oh please let this be real!


HopeBPatient said...

So excited for you! Of course, you know, don't put too much stock in those betabase numbers. :-)

Michelle D said...

Best wishes and so thrilled for you! I'm sure beta will be fine :)

J o s e y said...

Don't worry about the betabase averages. You are not average!! :) Congrats on the line getting darker and darker - that's a great sign!

LeslieGail said...

Your hpts look awesome! I hope the weekend passes quickly for you and you have a strong beta Monday!

Anonymous said...

LN10's beta numbers were much lower and he's here kickin' and screaming! So try not to put much energy into those betas...easier said than done I know! Ugh...hoping for a speedy first tri!