September 13, 2012

Starting FET #2

As I said in my previous post.  I've made a few phone calls about the upcoming FET.  I did conclude all my necessary testing, there was just one thing, well 2 things left undone.  #1.  I needed to get back onto HRT to regulate my cycles.  Upon review my cycles have been slowly speeding up.  I think I'm averaging around every 17 days now.  With some spotting in between.  So that is just awesome!  And #2...  I intended to get an endometrial biopsy done the month prior to the transfer.  There is some research out there that believes that having fresh healing in the uterus helps encourage the embryo to attach to the fresh scar tissue...(I don't know but I thought it wouldn't hurt.)

Any way...You would think me being an old veteran at cycling there wouldn't be too much back and forth between myself and the RE's.  That unfortunately is not the case.  And Why is that?  Well that is because I'm not dealing directly with the RE's, I'm dealing with the Nurses.  I have 2 Nurses.  One at SG who I will call Nurse Vet, and one here locally who will hereby be known as Nurse DumbAss.  

2 Months ago I had a fantastic appointment with my local RE.  She gave me all the prescriptions that I would need to get through my HSG and the start of my FET.  Well me being me...Lost the ones for the start of the FET.  So I lost the prescription for my HRT, dexamethasone, and prednisone.  And I knew that Local RE wanted to do the biopsy the month prior, so I figured I would just wait and call on my Day 1 advise them of my Day 1, book my biopsy and get my prescriptions called in.  Easy Peazy Japanezy!!!  Uhhhh NO!

I had to talk to Nurse DumbAss 3x that first day to get her to understand that no I was not coming in for an FSH E2 check or an u/s.  All I needed was a biopsy scheduled, and no not at the fancy downtown Toronto clinic, here locally in your little IUI room, you can freakin do it DumbAss we aren't sending it off for testing.  3 freaking phone calls and we hadn't eve talked about the meds.  Then the next day she gets back to me on the meds...and booking the biopsy...
Here's the conversation...
Nurse DumbAss   
"Oh you're right we can do it here locally, you have never used Cre.Ate right?  You went to SG!"  
Yes that's correct Nurse DA...You finally have the right file in front of you.  
Nurse DumbAss
Oh Okay well I'll call RE and see when she's available...
Uh Okay..?  And the HRT...?
Nurse DumbAss
Oh yah!  I guess I should ask her about that too!
Poking my Eyes out!!!

Keep in mind this is Day 2!  So as I'm rolling into Day 3...And I'm still taking care of my mom, Lola is still sick, I'm still sick, I'm pretty much every one's bitch....  She calls again...

Nurse DumbAss
Well it looks like RE won't book the biopsy until she's heard from SG that you are a go ahead for an FET in October.
They haven't contacted you?  You haven't forwarded all my infectious disease testing?  Um okay I guess I'll call Nurse Vet and have her call you and pop you an email.
Nurse DumbAss
And we won't be writing you any prescriptions for the FET.  All of your prescriptions have to come from SG.
(At this point I lose it!)
So wait...You aren't going to call in my prescription for HRT?
Nurse DumbAss
No...any medications pertaining to your FET have to come from your USA RE...
Hold on a tick...HRT has nothing to do with FET prep.  I'm in ovarian failure and have been since 29, I need to be on HRT for my own health.  If not I get a period every 14-17 days!  And the second issue is that USA RE can write as many prescriptions as he wants for me, and none of them are getting filled here in Canada!  USA Dr's can not legally prescribe medications to be dispensed here in Canada...Why?  Because they are not legally recognized as Dr's by our government!  
Nurse DumbAss
Oh you're in ovarian failure?!  But. but. but...    
(Really?!?!?  I wish I was kidding!)

By Day 4 the lovely receptionist called me back and let me know I could pick up my prescription anytime after 3 o'clock.  And that I had to start it right away.  Shocker!  Since I wasted 3 days talking to the dumbest nurse imaginable!  

So things are rolling.  Not as I would have liked them too, but they are moving forward none the less.  I will be skipping the biopsy at this point.  I'm just sending my prayers up for lightening to strike twice.  And for things to start moving a little bit more smoothly!

More to come I'm sure!

Much Love!



Michelle D said...

Goodness what a fun time you've been having. I'm glad you gave her the piece of your mind she needed to hear. Seriously what an idiot nurse. Anyway I am hoping my hardest for lightening to strike for you again as well. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

October FET!! WOWZA! And ugh!!! That nurse! For reals??!! Ugh...hang in there. Sending lightning bolts your way...

J o s e y said...

Ugh, how fucking frustrating. I work in a doctor's office, and I tell ya, I am on TOP of shit like that for patients now b/c I know how frustrating it was when I was the pt. My title is literally "patient care coordinator" - and they created the position for me to help streamline stuff for patients!! I hope Nurse Dumbass gets her shit together in the future for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I have been following your blog for a while and am also undergoing an FET next month. I've had a six year history of infertility, including two IVFs and numerous IUI's. I have been pregnant twice but unfortunately both ended in the first trimester in miscarriage, the recent one being this past January. The reason for me writing to you is to encourage you to request a 3D sonohystogram (via ultrasound) to be performed, prior to your FET. I have had these in the past (2D only) but after my last miscarriage, the soon on the 2D looked good but the 3D results showed adhesions scar tissue and a thick band through my uterus. The jury is still out whether this is a result of my recent D&C and/or the numerous endometrial biopsies I have endured in past IVF and IUI attempts. If I could go back in time, I would not consent to undergoing an endometrial biopsy again. I had to undergo a hysteroscopy to remove the band and adhesions and am finally preparing for this upcoming FET.
I wish you best wishes for your upcoming FET and thanks for sharing your story and experiences in your blog.