July 31, 2012


I DID IT!!! 
I still can't believe I did it.  I really went into it with no expectation of time..well sort of...I wanted to finish in under 2 hours.  And I finished in....1 hour and 21 minutes!  My awesome hubby finished in 1 hour and 11 minutes! 
This is before the race.  When they have written all over your arms and legs and put the electric anklet on you!  Excited and Nervous!

This is at the end of the race.  Shoes are off, water has been drunk, and I have no idea of my time yet.  But I was super proud of myself!  Because dang it I finished!!!

And so true...It takes a lot of courage to start these journey's we've all been on.  Whether it be infertility or changing our lifestyles.  Sometimes you need to remind yourself just how incredible our spirits are.  And remember that we are all warriors.  We face challenges that few others face.  And we conquer them! 

I started this journey of changing my lifestyle before my cycle that resulted in Lola. I was determined that I would conquer my body in at least one way.  That it wasn't going to fail me in every aspect of my life.  And after the bed rest and horrible pregnancy, I had zero faith that my body could actually co-operate with me to try to achieve these wild goals I set for myself.  And yes for months now I've been battling with pain and constant injuries.  But I was/am determined.  I want to have a healthy athletic lifestyle.  I want my daughter to be proud of her mother.  I want her to always be inspired to keep pushing herself to achieve goals that she thinks just might be unobtainable.  Because let me tell you...What was once Inconceivable...is now Conceivable! 

Now onto the race itself.  My swim was horrible.  Horrible!  I actually doggy paddled for 1/2!  I couldn't get my groove.  Every time I tried to get my first stroke going and get my head in the water I would get a mouth full of water.  And there was all this pushing and kicking!  So finally at the 1/2 way mark I flipped over and backstroked my ass out of the water.  I was 8th to last getting out of the water...Okay 81st position.  I hopped on my bike, (after killing more time at transition trying to calm down!) and started pedalling for all I was worth.  On the bike I jumped to 61st position.  Then came the run.  I flew into transition and quickly changed shoes, put on my knee band, and took off, where I held my steady position of 61st place.  I probably should have kicked it up a bit on the ride but I was afraid to kill my legs and then have to run.  As it was it took 2 km's for my legs to loosen up completely.  So next time I know crush it on the bike...I have the muscle memory for the run.  Always the same pace!

We have entered another Sprint Tri for September 8th up in Wasaga Beach.  I'm really looking forward to this one as I know quite a few people in it.  And now that I have 1 race under my belt I know what to expect and what to work on.  And boy do I have work to do!  First thing I need to do is get myself into a Sports Injury Clinic.  My left leg is terrible.  It started with my hip in February, then moved into the knee cap, and back calf, now the burning pain is in my shin and moving into my ankle.  I have a girlfriend who is a PT and she thinks it's either a stress fracture or muscle damage around the tibia, but there is an alignment problem further up the leg that is causing all of this.  I know what they are going to say...Stop Running...Fat chance!  Help me find a bandage fix until Tri season is over folks!  Haha!  I think I'm addicted.

I have lots more to blog about.  And now that my laptop is finally up and running, you will have lots to read here in this coming week!  I best jet off though, time for lunch, and maybe a little work too!  LOL!

Much Love!


Lara said...

Congrats! You look really great.

MAJ Bryen said...

That's amazing! Congrats, it's well deserved!

Michelle D said...

You are amazing! Proud of you. You look great too and what a great motivator to get fit and active :)

J o s e y said...

Good Lord, girl, you are inspiring. I was just contemplating signing up for something much smaller. EEK!

Augusta said...

Congrats on completing your triathlon!