May 14, 2012

Sweet Ainsley

I'm very saddened to hear today that sweet baby girl Ainsley passed away early Saturday morning. I have been following Jennepper for almost 4 years now! I love her writing, and I've fallen in love with her girls. JD and I have both been praying for Ainsley since the day she was born. And we were both very sad to hear of her passing. What a brave, strong, beautiful, happy little girl she was. And I thank Jenn for taking the time during Ainsley's life to continue writing and allowing us to get to know her and love her! Thank you Jenn for being such a special woman! To the Knepper family...our hearts are with you during this time. We send you strength, grace, and love! Much love! ks & jd

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Tippy said...

Oh no!! I have been bad about keeping up on her blog. I will have to go send her some love. Thanks for the update. Very sad indeed