November 27, 2011

No Naps Please!?

Apparently Lola has decided that she would rather not nap anymore!!!  And when she does nap it's like 20 minutes.  Little power naps...that's it!  It's driving me nuts!  She is still an amazing sleeper at night (most nights), but because she doesn't sleep through the day, she goes to bed at 6:30 (and that is with me pushing her the last half hour).  And going to bed at 6:30 means we get up by around 5:00!  Yikes!  Some days I can get her back down but only for about an hour maximum.  I have no idea what to do to change this habit.  I've tried putting her for naps in her crib, no go, in her playpen, no go, in her swing...15 minutes...  The only place she sleeps longer is in the car.  Well I don't want to have to drive around town twice a day for 1/2 hour to an hour just to get my baby to nap...That's nuts!  So if any of you have any helpful ideas I'm all ears...  I've even upped her formula intake to see if that helps, and it doesn't it just means I dump more formula.

Speaking of formula...I think I might be in trouble with this one...  This baby loves to nurse!  LOL!  I think I'm actually going to have a hard time weaning her off of me.  She fights the bottle now, but never fights the boob.  No, no she caress' the boob, she loves the boob.  JD even caught her rubbing my face today.  Okay, and then after the loving touch she promptly stuck her finger up my nose!  LOL!  I tell you Lola is a piece of work!  She makes us laugh all day.  And now that we've figured out what makes her laugh we make her laugh all day too!  :)

We've introduced solids into her diet now.  She has now tried banana, apple, avocado, and rice cereal.  So far the favorite is banana.  Can't blame her I like bananas too.  She really wasn't a fan of avocado but we are trying that one again tomorrow.  So hopefully it will go better.  At 5 (1/2) month well check she weighed in at 14lbs 5 ounces.  So she is still pretty little, but she's getting her chubby rolls and filling our nicely.

JD and I had our first date night 2-3 weeks ago.  It was great.  We went out for a nice dinner.  Didn't eat it at a break neck speed.  I had two large beers with dinner.  Fantastic!  Am I ever a light weight now!  LOL!  2 beers and I was feeling loosey goosey!  We then went to the casino and donated some money!  No big winners in this house.  We were home by 10:30, so not a late night.  But it was good just to get out.  I don't know how often we will be able to do that though as we don't have a lot of available baby sitters.  (I'll get into that in another post).

I'm still going to the gym.  I haven't been as much as I would have liked in the last 2 weeks, what with getting sick, and Lola getting her shots, etc...  The weight is starting to slowly come off.  I mean slooooowly!  It's my diet.  I need to get a handle on the crap food.  It is just so much easier sometimes.  And when your feeling drained and kind of crappy...well I turn to comfort food.  I know what I've got to do and I'm going to get my butt into gear this week.

That's my current update...  I'm off to bed (early I know) as I'm sure someone will be up whooting like an owl at 5am.  LOL!

Much Love!



Anonymous said...

Hey KS...naps...who KNOWS! I know its soooo frustrating. For weeks LN10 was exhibiting the identical nap routine Lola is now presenting. Until this he wants to nap 3x a day and the first two are like 2 hours each! So that's been a nice change. So I don't know...but just hang in there. She'll nap for longer stretches in no time. But I hear ya on the constant keeping baby happy when they don't nap very well...its darn exhausting! So glad you were able to get a date night in. We try too but we do not live in a city where we have relatives to rely on for occasional babysitting and casual babysitters are hard to find! So when you do get a night out, we make the most of it too. Good luck on the weight loss...I think you and I should be weight loss buddies because I am frustrated too. But I am taking a month off of dieting...need a break! Hello January like the rest of the world! Well take care. Here's hoping for better naps tomorrow!

Michelle D said...

I agree with Lisa. It seems to go in phases. It may be a growth spurt. It may be the new phase of having solids. I think (and hope for you) that she will start napping again soon. Especially when she is even more mobile and wears herself out a little. Sounds like you are doing great though!