November 8, 2011

5 Months Old!

I can't believe she is 5 month's old!  Where has the time gone!  Lola is becoming such a big girl.  I think we are going to start on solids very soon.  I say solids but I really mean brown rice cereal.  And we are now the proud owners of a Bul.let.  I can't wait to give this thing a go!  I don't think I am going to stop the breast feeding anytime soon though.  We actually had 3 days last week where little Miss refused a bottle.  So it was all me and only me for 3 days.  And of course this was when we were away for the weekend.  Awesome times!  Lola has now started to 'talk' regularly.  However, she is mute when anyone else is around!  My shy little girl!  Lola has never really been a giggler...per se...she will make a grunt like giggle, but not often and you really have to work for it.  She smiles all the time and laughs with her mouth open but no noise!  Well we found the one thing that makes her laugh out loud!  Our dog, Tonka!  She LOVES Tonka!  She finds him the funniest thing around!  Full belly laughs come out of her when we play with him and she's on the floor.  Too funny!

Lola has now graduated from her physiotherapist!  Her neck is all good now!  Yahhh!  She is now wearing 6 month clothes, and is fine to wear hats and head bands now!  Thank Gosh!  Oh she hated them for awhile there!  She loves to be outside all the time.  If she is having a meltdown I just walk out the front door with her and she stops!  Go figure!  The other sure fire method to stop an unnecessary meltdown is to put on her Ein.stein videos.  Oh my gosh she loves those.  She has enjoyed those since she was 3 months old.  She also now likes Sesame Street.  Just the Elmo portion of the show.  So I pv'r it for her everyday.  And she's allowed 1/2 hour of show before bath, bottle and bed.  Okay this is actually how we are making her stretch her bedtime to 7.  If we let her do things her way she would go to bed at 630 and have me up at 530 every day.  Not happening baby!   Did I tell you my baby sleeps!  And when I say sleep I mean she sleeps 11-12 hours every night!  She is amazing!  Even on the weekend when we were away she still slept 12 hours a night!

Anyway I should sign off for the night.  Below is a picture of Miss Lola is her Jolly Jumper.  This is only the 2nd day that she has been in her Jolly Jumper!  She is starting to figure out what it is all about.  And she was really digging it today. 

I still can't believe that I am a mother to a 5 month old!!!!  I love it!!!  It is the best job in the world!  Most tiring for sure, but it is the most rewarding.  My face actually hurts today from smiling so much!  Hah!

Much Love!


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Anonymous said...

My face hurts from smiling just reading this post!! And THANK JAW you've got the Baby Einstein vids...AMAZING aren't they?! She is just soo beautiful! We had Sloppy Cubanos for the second time last night...our favorites too. Think about you when I make them. Take care.