October 2, 2011

Weekend Away

We just got back from a weekend at my parent's house.  My Mom was the only one there though as my Dad is still away doing a contract.  It was a great weekend.  Lola travels really well for a (almost) 4 month old.  We drove Friday night after bath and bottle and she slept the entire way (4 hours)!  She didn't even wake up when we got there and moved her to her bassinet.  AND she slept until 7 am!  Which was really good for us as we didn't go to bed until 2:30.  Woops!

Saturday morning my Mom and I headed off to the States for some shopping.  We hit Ko.hls and scored some great deals on Car.ters and JumpingBean clothes.  All for 6-9 months of age.  I didn't buy her any dresses as she seems to hate them right now, but man was I tempted.  There are some super cute little dresses out there.  Then we headed off to the mall, where I scored some new sneakers.  Okay 2 pairs!  One pair for solely running and one pair of cross trainers.  My feet have really changed since pregnancy, and they are taking a shit kicking with all this working out right now.  I'm really hoping that these new Nike's are the answer.

Sunday we pretty much got up, got Lola fed, napped, then fed again and took off for home.  She slept for the first hour than wanted another feeding so I bf'd her in a Tim Horton's parking lot.  I know classy!  But then she slept the rest of the ride.

No working out for me this weekend though.  The weather was incredibly bad all weekend.  The wind was blowing over 35 km/hr, and it was relentless.  It was raining off/on all weekend too.  And any working out I would have done this weekend was going to be going for a run.  So unfortunately I seem to always have 3 days of nothing.  I really need to work on that.  I also cheated left right and centre this weekend.  So not hard to do when you are visiting my home town.  There was pizza Friday night with shaved ham on it.  Saturday was chips under the bridge from the Chip Truck, and Sunday was Arby's day!  (we don't have an Arby's near us anywhere within a 3 hour radius)  So there should be no surprise that there will be no weight loss this week.  But now I've got a month until our next family get together (my family eats) so I can get myself back onto my regiment.

Well I'm off....I know this was a boring post...but...whateves...okay Baby Mozart is over, time to play with Miss Bean!

Much Love!


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