April 29, 2011

30 Week Belly Shot

For your viewing pleasure....

This is one of the t-shirts I bought at the baby show.  It is the softest most fantastic t-shirt I own currently.

I know it's not a great shot.  It's really hard for me to take the picture by myself.  I think I'll try to get JD to take a picture on Sunday.  I think I've grown quite a bit this week already.

Okay I am going to rave a little bit.  The t-shirts I bought are organic cotton.  It is a small company that a husband and wife own, and I especially love that.  JD and I are the same, small business, family run, so we really like to support mom and pop shops as well.  The prices are great, quality is great, and the fit is true fit.  I ordered large as I like my shirts to be long, so I can wear tights and still cover my rear end.  Plus I also like to throw everything is the dryer and this gives me room for shrinkage.  But if you are a medium order a medium.  Please pop over and have a look, I promise if you get a shirt you will love it!  kss maternity

Okay now onto my day today.  I am blogging from home right now.  On my recliner with my feet on a pillow, and an ice pack on my knees.  I am swollen again today, and I fell at work this morning.  I think baby is okay.  I've felt her move a couple of times since then and I'm not cramping or anything.  I actually did everything in my power not to hit my stomach when I smacked down on the concrete.  I was stepping up on a high curb and caught my flip flops, went flying down.  I landed on my knees and elbows, and rolled to the left.  My toes, knees and elbows are bloody and very swollen now.  It wouldn't have been so bad but I was doing a fast walk, jog up the curb.  Dumb, dumb, dumb!

I have a lot more pictures to post they will be coming soon.  I really want to show off our new master bedroom.  It looks so good.  I stupidly didn't take a before picture.  Which was nice as well, very spa like, but it was so bright that it felt like we were sleeping with the lights on.  Anyway I'm home licking my wounds and cried out.  Now I think I'm due an afternoon cat nap.

Much Love!



C said...

I bought 2 KSS tshirt online. I live in them!!!

LisainSK said...

ks...I sure hope you are feeling better! That fall sounded awful! And the shirts...will just have to mosey on over to their website. Thanks. And your belly!! So cute...we could be twins I think!