December 13, 2010

Scan is Booked!

Thursday afternoon we shall see!  So nervous!  But y'know there is nothing more I can do...I've done everything I possibly can.  It's really out of my hands.  I just have to dig deep and try to continue to have hope!  Ha!  Easier said than done!

Today I am hopefully going to go and finish off a little bit more Christmas shopping.  I have got to get some things for JD.  I know bad, mall walking...but it's gotta be done folks.  And I'm feeling pretty good today.  While at the mall, I plan on picking up a few long cardigans.  I really need some clothes that will hide the belly bulge I've got going on.  It looks as though I've eaten nothing but pizza for the last month.  It's not a Bebe bump yet, just the in between bloat and feeling huge.  Urrrggghh!  I refuse to go to the maternity stores yet.  I can't make myself do it.  Maybe after, but not yet.  I almost went yesterday to get the belly band, but chickened out at the last minute.  And boy this morning was I sorry I did that.  5 outfit changes this morning!  JD was laughing pretty good at me!  It's great that we live in the great white North.  It really is sweater time here.  I can definitely hide this from my customers for a good while!

Anyway, enough of me jabbering on.  I better get back to work!  LOL!  Please pray for us that is a good day!  I would really appreciate it! 

Much Love!


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LisainSK said...

So hoping that will put you at least momentarily! I refuse to go into Mat stores too...but I do have a bella band from my first pg (ended in m/c) and just picking clothes that are more loose fitting. Yes, thank GOD for sweater season!!