November 28, 2010

2 Days at Work!

That's right!  I went to work!  2 Days!  Yahh me!  It was alright.  I still had lots of spotting, and there are definitely things I shouldn't do here, but it is what it is...  I gotta work.  I think JD is making me stay home tomorrow though and then maybe a 1/2 day on Tuesday.  We'll see.  Oh and I stopped the baby aspirin today.  We have a feeling it might have been feeding the bleed since it thins your blood.  I'm nervous about this, but y'know at some time all these meds have to stop.

This afternoon I am going to go buy a new bra.  A comfy bra.  One without wires and clasps.  I don't know what happened but on Saturday I feel like I've been blown up all over.  So I am uncomfortable in everything right now.  And the nausea is really kicking in.  Oh well!  I'll take it if it means I have a live Bebe inside me.

Okay I gotta go, I'm famished!  I promise to write a better entry soon. 

Much Love


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Anonymous said...

So nice to hear from you! Was hoping things were okay with you this weekend. Yeah...nausea big time over here too. Started on Thursday and seems to be at its worst between 4PM - bedtime. But couldn't be happier!