October 7, 2010

Well That Is A Change!

I just got my second update from my nurse.  Everything looks good with our donor.  ER is scheduled for Saturday.  I asked her "Does it look like we are in on this cycle?  We are the 3rd couple? "  She says "Oh no one told you?  The one couple had to back out!  There are just 2 of you in this cycle!" 

OMG!  Seriously!?  When did the world flip on it's axis and lady luck start smiling on us?!  So it's no more IF we get to go, it's hello, time to pack we ARE going.  Next week I will be PUPO!  OMG! 

I'm in shock right now!  I thought for sure we would get bumped.  I really would have liked to have known this all week.  JD and I have both been complete and utter stress bags.  It's not just the cycle, it's work, it's finances, it's time, it's everything... 

We definitely need this little vacation in Washington.  Okay I can't type anymore I'm bouncing out of my seat.  I'm just sooooo jazzed up right now!  More Saturday when I get an accurate egg count!

Much Love!



Mad Hatter said...

GREAT news, ks! Washington will be lovely at this time of year (and so will being pregnant!!)
Crossing my fingers for lots of eggs!

Michelle D said...

YEAH!! So happy to hear you got some good news...hope that it keeps coming :)

HopeBPatient said...

Such good news!! Have a great trip and keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

That is SOO exciting!! Can't wait to see how your next few weeks turns out!

MAJ Bryen said...

That's awesome' what a nice surprise! I'm hoping you come back from DC preggo! Best of luck!