October 5, 2010

Slow Cycle!

Holy Hannah!  I had no idea this cycle was going to drag out like this.  I've been in the throws of this cycle for 5 weeks now!  I've just about had enough of putting meds where the sun don't shine, let me tell you!  I'm so maxed out.  If I've been doing these drugs and loading myself up on estrogen just to get cancelled I will be so upset.  Not like I think this time is the winning ticket.  It's just that this has been the longest drawn out cycle of my life.  I just want to make it to a transfer!

Last check for the donor was on Friday (I found out yesterday).  She had 17 follies developing, she is going in again tomorrow for another check.  They can't say 100% yet but it looks like retrieval will be Saturday or sooner, depending on how tomorrow's u/s goes.  17 follies is good, but we won't really know if we are in this cycle or not until the retrieval is completed.  There might not be 17 mature eggs in those follies, there could be 10 or 30.  You really can't tell.  They would have a better idea by her E2 levels, but they aren't sharing that information with me.  So I have to wait another week.  It's okay though I have a rather busy week ahead of me!
Today - work and triathlon class
Wed - off (1st in 9 days) gym in am, laundry, and manicure in pm
Thurs - work and swim
Fri - work and 3 hour spin class
Sat - work and downtown TO with cousins for Japanese food and window shopping.
Sun - work and Thanksgiving at the In laws

I really hope we are going to Washington next week.  I need a break.  A small break from my daily running raged routine!  Even if we don't go, I might just take 3 days off.  I'm just realizing that this has been my schedule for the last 2 months...  Wow!  We really need to look at our schedules again.

Okay that's it for today!  I'll update more when I know more! 

Much Love!



Jess said...

Wow, 5 weeks already! And more to come. Praying that is speeds by for you!!

BTW,I presented you with an award over at my blog. =D

Anonymous said...

Hoping for the best!! Hoping the next few days flies by as ER/ET dates approach.