October 14, 2010


Transfer is set for less than 45 minutes.  I just wanted to log on and do a quick post.  We ended up with 4 blasts and the 5th came back to life and is only 1 day behind!!!  :)

We can't believe it!  I'm very excited.  JD is super hopeful.  I am too I just don't want to say it.  And I don't really want to get my hopes up yet.  I've been on the progesterone now for 6 days and I still don't have sore tata's.  I'm bloated, and my arm pit gland is swollen.  So I know what symptoms I want to watch for.  The main one I want to see is the one that freaks most woman out.  I want to see spotting.  I never get a break through bleed when I'm on this much estrogen, so if I get spotting I know it is implantation spotting. 

OMG!  Can you tell I am super excited!  I am typing this sooo fast!!!

I have a lot of other drama going on right now that I will fill you in on in the next couple of posts.  But for now it's all transfer cycle stuff!  Wish me luck ladies!  In the next hour I will be PUPO!!!

Lots of Love!



Brenda said...

Holy Cow, congratulations!!! I can't wait to hear an update report, and I hope that the drama settles down in your life so you can enjoy a blissful 9 months!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Hoping you lil' ones are snuggling in for a long 36 week journey as I type!! Hoping the two week wait won't be too killer on you and DH.

Michelle D said...

Glad to hear all 5 embryos made it and are still going. Best wishes and luck with transfer and loads of baby dust to you :)

MAJ Bryen said...

Best of luck!!! Sounds really promising. Remember, take their bedrest rule VERY seriously.

Mad Hatter said...

Go ks go!!! Lots of luck coming your way! Yay for 5 embryos! Woo hoo!