October 19, 2010

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Transfer was smooth and easy...  Well...  Almost.  We kind of had to argue with the RE to get him to transfer 2.  He is a firm believer in SET.  I know his research supports his view on this.  But...  When you really want 2 babies, you really have to transfer 2 embryos.  Teehee!  There I said it out loud!  We really want this to work.  We will not be able to afford a 2nd full cycle to try for siblings.  So it would be a dream for us to #1 be successful and #2 have twins! 

But y'know we'll take what we can get at this point.  Onto the stats...

2 4bb blastocysts transferred on 10/14/10.
1 blast frozen on 10/15/10.
Positive thinking 10/14/10.
Negative thinking 10/15/10 and ongoing....   :(

I've been having similar cramping to my first failure.  In the same area too, so that is why I feel like this didn't work.  I also have a terrible cough.  I know you can't cough them out or anything but it just doesn't make me feel like this is going to work, at least not this time.  Anyway enough of this...  I'm at work and I really have a lot of work to catch up on.  I will post another update soon.

Much Love!


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MAJ Bryen said...

It sounds like a very promising cycle! I've never made it to having a blast frozen so that is very good. I think the cramping is a very positive sign. With the twins, I cramped a lot, beginning on transfer day. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!