October 23, 2010

Early Beta

I had to go to the clinic yesterday for more pio.  While there I couldn't resist, I told my favorite nurse (she's been with me through the last 2 years!).  She was so thrilled.  She said whatever, we are running a beta!  So the number is in...It is...


We are thrilled!  According to beta base, we are right in the middle of singleton median and twin median.  Average singleton for 13 dpo is 62, average for twin at 13 dpo is 123.  I know beta's really can't tell you much other than you are pregnant.  We are going to have to wait for the u/s. 

We are scheduled for another beta on Monday.  Please pray for us that the number doubles and keeps going strong.

Now if any of you are wondering about symptoms...  Here's what has been going on this cycle. 
  • lots of cramping.
  • gurgling (like bubbles in my uterus)
  • light headed (vertigo spells)
  • really tired
  • nausea  (started at about 4 days post transfer)
Now last night my sense of smell kicked up a notch.  My puppies dog feed reeks!!!  OMG!  It's already a very unpleasant smell, but last night I was going out of my mind.  It was horrible and it was all I could smell all night!

Thank you everyone for your well wishes and great comments.  I truly appreciate all your good thoughts and positive thinking. 

Maddie - I skipped the gym last night!  I figured I would rather just let this little bub sit tight for awhile.  I'll get back to the gym when I get my self a heart monitor watch.  I want to make sure I don't get myself to worked up.  I really am so afraid to screw this up.

Much Love to you All!



Michelle D said...

Wahoo! Hope you get a nice doubling or more number at your next beta. Good luck :)

LisainSK said...

AWESOME NEWS!!!! I have a heart monitor watch too. Got mine at Wal-ma.rt. From what I've read, I think anything over 140 bpm (you're my age or close to it...I'm 31) is a apparently a no-no but let me know what you find. Awesome!

HopeBPatient said...

oh ks, so, so excited for you!!!! Can't wait to hear about the next beta number!!!

Michele said...

WHOOO HOOO!!!! Congrats!!!!