September 28, 2010

Donor Starting Stims

I have written 4 separate posts to update on the DE IVF #2, but haven't completed any of them.  So here's what's the what!

Donor (D2) had evaluation on Sept 22 - failed hormone levels were elevated.
D2 continued on Lupron for 2 more days and was rechecked on Sept 24.
Cleared - good to go! 

Message from DE Co said that donor will be starting her stimulation soon.  (?)  They will be checking her again on Friday Oct 1. 

I seem to be getting cryptic information from my DE Co.  Which doesn't really help me.  We have 2 stores to operate and employ.  Our employees also have lives and appointments and such.  I have 1 employee that has a dental surgery booked for Oct 18.  I told him not to cancel it as we should be back by then, but now I'm wondering... 

In other news.  We have our third set of visitors from England here now.  This is the 3rd month straight we have had company.  Life is very busy for JD and I.  We are working 7 days a week, gym 4-5 nights a week, and any free moment spending time with our company.  And JD unfortunately is having a very bad ear issue right now.  He had them flushed yesterday, they need to do it again as it didn't get all of the blockage out, but we woke up this morning to blood on his pillow.  So we are a little worried that something is really wrong.  He said when they flushed them yesterday he had never had it feel like that before.  He was in pain most of the night.  He's going to call the Dr. again today and let them know about the blood.  Hopefully it is nothing.


One of my support board members has suffered a terrible loss this weekend.  She went into early labour (18wks) and lost her baby boy.  Unfortunately during the delivery of the placenta something went very wrong and she started to lose a lot of blood.  They rushed her to surgery (5hrs) and were forced to do a full hysterectomy.  She ended up in ICU on a vent.  She is now off the vent and back into regular care.  But the loss she has suffered has been felt by our entire board. 

There are 2 other DE Moms who are also struggling right now with very sick babies.  They have all ended up in PICU.  JD and I have lit a lot of candles over the weekend and said a lot of prayers.  My heart is very heavy this week.  It is a very cruel and unusual universe.

Please take the time to hug your little ones.  Tell those you love "You love them", and hug them tight.  You just never know what awaits you at the next corner.

Much Love.



Anonymous said...

So glad you are getting the ball rolling with your upcoming DE cycle. Hoping for great things for you. And your support group friend - wow. WOW. I mean a lost baby AND a hysterectomy - I mean that is so incredibly cruel. Sending her my prayers as well.

HopeBPatient said...

Keeping everything (fingers and toes) crossed for you DE cycle. Keep after your DE Co for information!!! You deserve it. Take care.