June 10, 2010

Blog Roll Reading....

If you are anything like me every now and again you pop over to Stirrup Queen's Blog roll and have a read through whichever section applies to your situation.  Well let me be the first to warn any of you still trying!  Most of the blogs in the Donor section are either, pregnant or parenting now.  There are very few of us who are still trying.  Which is good, but, it also makes me sad.  I've followed so many others journey's from the day of transfer to parenting now, it's incredible.  It's just hard sometimes when you feel like your the only one who is never going to find success!

I know I should be happy that we are finally getting the go ahead to move forward, but y'know JD and I there always has to be hiccups!  And I hit it today!  I can't get my prescription filled here in Canada written by an American Dr.  Of course I can't!!!  (sarcastic)  I've written an e-mail to my clinic here locally trying to get my RE here to rewrite the script for me, but I don't know if she is willing to do this or not.  I can't really blame her as my 2 Re's kind of disagree on how to treat me.  But man, please just take pity on JD and I please!!!???  We really don't want to have to spend x amount more money to have the meds shipped from the States, and if we have to go this route we will also be delayed in doing the mock cycle.  Peas and Carrots!!!   Why can nothing, absolutely nothing go smoothly for us!

Okay enough of that.  It'll either work out or it won't and we'll just keep waiting...

I went to the gym again last night for my usual Wednesday ass kicker night.  I bailed half way through.  I couldn't do it.  I'm not 100% yet.  Not even close.  I like to think I am.  But I'm not.  Anytime I bend I get an awful stitch in my sides.  When I sleep I tend to roll onto my belly and Oh My that smarts!  So I think I still need to take it easy.  I ended up leaving before Spin Class last night, so tonight I'm going to try Spin again.  I'm not going to do any other workouts, other than maybe swimming.  I honestly think it should be better by now.  But JD likes to remind me..."Hon...they did cut through your abdomen, it's going to take awhile for the muscles to regroup."  God love him!  He picks me up when I'm down and reminds me not to be so hard on myself!  We'll see if he lets me go tonight!

Much Love!


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Sian said...

Thats very interesting about the blogs....kinda gives me a bit more hope for my cycle. I really hope that things go a bit more smoothly for you. Its really tough *sigh*