April 27, 2010

Surgery Booked!!!


What a disaster!  I finally had enough on Friday and called the surgeon's scheduling nurse again.  This time she actually took the time to take my name and look for my file.  Only to realize my file is missing.  It hasn't been in the rotation to have the surgery booked.  I advised her I had called 2 weeks after my initial appointment and was given the brush off and told to wait until I get a call, and now your telling me 4 weeks later that you don't know where my file is!?!?!  She said she would get back to me by 2:00 that same day, and she would have a surgery date for me. 

I have a feeling they were running around with their tails between their legs!  LOL!  And dang right they should be.  I'm tired of being delayed because my file gets overlooked.

Good to her word she called and I am now booked for May 27.  They couldn't get me in any faster than that as my RE wants to be there during surgery.  Good enough for me!  I can do a month wait on my head!  I'm going to just keep doing what I am doing.  Working out 5 days a week, working 5-7 days a week, and getting the yard ready for summer!  That should keep me occupied...  Oh my gosh!!!  I also need to start looking at donor profiles!  Well looks like I do have things to keep me busy!


Regarding my last post.  I have talked to Addie about hiding that type of info from me.  She knew D was in the wrong not to have told me.  And she knows I'm stronger than that.  I can handle and have handled quite a bit in my life, telling me about other people's pregnancies isn't going to break me... 


Brenda said...

Hey, just catching up. So glad you read them the riot act and got a surgery date! It is so frustrating when they bite your head off for pestering them "too soon" and then they do and mess up your file. sigh. I hope you are having a good day! :)


Michelle D said...

Glad to hear that you are looking out for yourself...especially since they weren't on top of things. Imagine if you kept waiting. Anyway glad to hear things are set for surgery and I'm sure the time will fly by with all you have going on.