January 25, 2010

Smooth and Easy!

And right back to work!  Little did we know they thawed the embryos the day before we flew out, and they kept growing!  So we ended up transfering 2 five day embryos.  1 looked like it was a blast, the other looked like it was close behind.   We got home Friday night, rested and slept the rest of the weekend away.  Now today I am back in the office.  Cranky, but back in the office. 

I'm not feeling overly optimistic.  I've had some sharp cramps and back aches.  Which I had a lot last time with my failure.  But none of the other pio symptoms.  I know I should feel jazzed about this cycle, but I just can't get my hopes up to have my heart crushed again.  And I really am having a hard time visualizing JD and I getting our happy ending.

Whatever will be will be.  These em-babies are either going to nuzzle in for the long haul or they are not, and me stressing about everything I do is not going to make it happen.  But if any of you have magic wands I definitely wouldn't say no to you putting a spell on these two nuts!  Much love to all!



Michele said...

I'm gonna feel hopeful for you on your behalf!! Isn't it hard though when you've been through so much. Please know that others are thinking of you!!

Brenda said...

I agree with Michelle. I know it is hard to have hope and then have something go south...so I will feel hopeful for you. Sending many good wishes your way for a BFP.

MAJ Bryen said...

I'm so excited that they grew for you! Thinking of you and wishing for a great cycle!

Mad Hatter said...

Abracadabra shalamazam! Nuts nuzzle in and stick to your Mam!!

Michelle D said...

Thinking of you too and being hopeful on your behalf :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck. Transfer for me sometime next week.