September 21, 2009

Biopsy Results & New Plan

Finally! WE got the results last Wednesday from my biopsy. Normal! Yahh! Finally one good test! The Dr's think it was a roll off of a bad reaction to the patches. I now go for my Lupron Depot shot this Wednesday and then start a longer harder round of estrace pills. Thanks to the abundant amount of information I get from reading my fellow IF's blogs. I have asked that they not be taken orally! Teehee! As apparently this can eliminate some of the headaches. And it can also help thicken the lining a little faster. It can't hurt to try right?!

I've also requested PIO injections rather than the suppository. I've just had too much bad luck with the drugs that I don't want to monkey around at this point. And I also don't like having to wear a diaper for 2 weeks. I'd rather do the shot in the bum! Well at least I say this now...We'll see after the transfer! See now that's me being positive! I AM going to make it to a transfer this year! I just keep telling myself this and maybe it'll be true.

This weekend was my oldest brother's 40th birthday! His girlfriend threw him a surprise party. They live about 3 hours away, so JD and I took Saturday off work and went down for the party Friday night! It was fantastic! If I ever need to cut loose I can always rely on my Big Brother to help me! The party went until 4 am... It's definitely a good thing I didn't have to do anything important the next day! And I'm hoping this will be my last alcohol for at least a year! (more positivity there) I've decided that I'm going to be easy breezy, no stress, and any and all thoughts I have about this upcoming cycle are only going to be positive!

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