August 6, 2009

Work Family

I just want to explain a little bit about my office and our business'. JD and his Dad own and operate 2 business'. It is a family business that has been operational for over 30 years. My FIL retired 5 years ago and handed the keys to JD. JD has been working here since he was 16 (w/ time off for College). And I've been working here for the last 7 years now. We have 2 offices I maintain 1 and JD keeps the other busier location.

We have never had a high turn over of employees. Most employees stay with us for many years. One such Assistant Manager has been with us for 28 years! We work 7 days a week - Monday to Friday 12 hours a day. It is very hard to work with people for this length of time and not become a part of each other's family. Most of our ex-employees have stayed in contact with us, we've watched them get married, seated with their family, we get the 2am phone calls their children have been born, we meet regularly for dinner to just catch up. So when we have a situation happen like what has just transpired, we are crushed...

My Assistant Manager (Mr. M) came back in to speak with me today. Again to plead his case and apologize for the error he did make. I know he is genuine, but... I don't know. I don't know if I can trust again. I didn't hold back today when he came in to speak with me. I laid it out there. I told him how angry I was that he would betray me like that... Not only angry but hurt. Mr. M and us have a history, we've helped him with tenant issues (I used to do work in real estate law), we've helped to try to expedite his Canadian citizenship, we've helped him out financially with his kids tuition, etc... So for his to turn and do something so stupid for such a small amount of money is inexcusable.

I'm sorry I know I am rambling, I'm just still so upset by everything. And I miss my friend!

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