January 8, 2013


It's a hard one to stay away from.  Everyone says "You just need to relax!"  "try not to stress."  That is every one's cure for everything.  Relaxing and decreasing your stress cures infertility, lethargy, depression, etc...  It's the cure all.  And I would love to agree, and do believe eliminating stress will make a healthier you, but...No one is quick to tell you how to do it. 

JD and I have been stressed of late.  We have been in a rut with our business for about 5 years now.  We were too wrapped up in all things fertility to make any changes and then we had Lola on the way and it just didn't seem to right time.  Well when is the right time to make a major life change?

We have decided that time is now.  While I am pregnant with baby #2.  We are in the beginning stages of making some major life changes.  We are scared.  We are taking a major leap and hoping that this is a better long term solution for our family.  We are scared.  If this doesn't work out as we hope we will have to start all over again, but if it does, it could be a great new adventure.  We are SCARED!

As I've eluded to in previous posts.  We have had thoughts of changing our careers paths for quite awhile now.  Here is where I come 100% clean about what's been going on.  

We took over JD's family business 12 years ago, we kept them as owners so they could draw a salary and we could take care of them through retirement.  8 years ago his father decided to sell us to a big soul sucking corporation.  This is when things started to go down hill for us.  We were now at their mercy.  It was okay for awhile, we had a great contract.  3 years ago our contract came up for renewal and we were handed a contract as everyone else in Canada was that is pure garbage.  We had zero options but to accept.  There was no room for negotiation.  So we signed and prayed that we would do well enough to still make what we had been.  And as you all know we've been in an economic slump for over 3 years now.  Last year we just barely made it through.  The stores did well making almost 2 million dollars, but the way our contract was drafted we could never meet their expectations and always were paid at the lowest end of the scale.  (Our company has lost many, many agency operators because of this contract) 

I've been working to convince JD that we have to get out of this business for over a year now.  And he's agreed, he just hasn't know what to do.  We are both College Grads, but neither one of us have worked in our fields in over 10 years, and we really have no interest in working in our fields.  We think we have found something that will be temporary but that may lead to other job options.  The only problem is...JD would have to be away from us for 3 weeks every month.  But he would be home for 2 weeks then go back.  It's not ideal, but the money is good, and like I said this could lead to other opportunities.  Our plan is...if JD gets hired...for us to hand back the business to soul suckers...JD leaves and starts his job, Lola and I will stay here and get fat, I will have the baby here where we live, then sell the house, and move into my parents for the winter months while they are being snowbirds.  We will save, save, save our buts off and hopefully by next summer make a decision where we want to live...Is it in Ontario or are we moving out West...? 

So this saga is to be continued my friends...

I hope that I start getting some sleep soon though.  And I hope I get to kiss this company good bye before the end of January!  If you are a prayer, maybe say a prayer please that JD and I can land on our feet.  We are tired of working like dogs and having nothing to show for it.

Much Love!



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a big decision! Very exciting to be making a leap! Will keep you in my thoughts!

J o s e y said...

It's totally scary to start a new career, but it sounds like the right decision for you both. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Well here's my philosophy...little pain for big gain! Jump in! And come out west - water is fine out here! I hear ya on the life change front. I seriously think I want to be a SAHM or switch careers. This one I am in is just too demanding. But got to pay some bills first for this move so will be a year before I could actually do it. And secretly thats what I have been telling myself since I returned to work - give it a full year before you make any drastic decisions. See how I like the working mom boots first. But so far, I just find it too stressful.