November 20, 2012

First Ultra Sound

We have a heartbeat!  Phew!  I didn't get the count though.  I should have asked more questions but I didn't as my joy was very short lived.  It appears I have a SCH again.  And wouldn't you know it is in the exact same spot as last time.  Right where baby B was...  Frostie is of course where Lola was.  I have had no bleeding.  So I had no idea that I would have this again.  But I didn't have any bleeding until 4 days after my first u/s last time.  So I'm kind of waiting for the bottom to drop out of this....  This sucks...  I should feel happy and relaxed.  But I don't.  I'm sad.  And I feel like I really am waiting for failure to collapse me again.  

Of course the tech says don't worry about it.  It's a small one right now.  Just be careful.  Um yah okay?!?!? 

I was careful last time too.  We weren't having s.e.x., I wasn't going hard working out, I was resting whenever I could.  And I still had a massive bleeding episode and the SCH grew and unfortunately we lost Baby B because of it.  

This time the circumstances are a little different.  I have a toddler.  I have to carry her.  I also have a terrible cough.  I've pulled a rib muscle from coughing.  My uterus cramps constantly from coughing.  I've already been feeling like I have a gigantic bruise in my uterus and now I know why...because I bloody well do!  Crap, crap, crappity crap crap!

Okay enough...   That's all the bitching I am allowing myself on this...okay a little more...g'dangit no sex really!?!?!?  

Frostie baby measured 2 days ahead.  at 6 weeks 5 days when I'm only 6 weeks 4 days today and the u/s was yesterday.  So that is something.  I'm just going to pray that Frostie is as much of a fighter as it's big sister is.  We asked her again yesterday if she wants a baby brother or sister and of course her answer is "No"!  LOL!  

Even if this doesn't work out.  We've already won the lotto my friends.  LolaBean is the best thing in the world.  And we've decided SCH be damned I am going to live my days like I normally would.  Whatever will be will be.

Much Love!


Augusta said...

The heartbeat is great news. And I'm really sorry about the little shits (what my friend calls SCH). I have a massive one in this pregnancy (7cm) and it never ended up bleeding. So, I hope the same for you, despite your previous experience.

J o s e y said...

YAY for a heartbeat!!

Hang in there hon - like you said, hopefully this little one is a fighter too, and that SCH resolves itself quickly.

Anonymous said...

I had a SCH diagnosed at 7w and I took it easy til it resolved at 12 weeks. Meaning no working out at all, not even going for walks. Baby survived.

LisainSK said...

Ugh!! Why can't anything be easy for once!! Hang tight girlie...

Anonymous said...

Any news? Have you had any more ultrasounds? So many people follow your blog and are anxiously excited to hear updates! =)