October 18, 2011

Asked and Denied!

I have wanted to go for another baby as soon as Lola came out and I laid eyes on her.  And if you've been following my blog you know that we only have one embryo left.  Not really great odds are they?  So I finally sucked it up and contacted SG to find out if our donor had donated to their frozen egg bank.  As I knew that she would have timed out by the time I was able to cycle.  Turns out she didn't.  And they would have still asked her but she has maxed out on donations (6 cycles).  Shitzer!  It's not even as though we could have actually afforded another cycle right now, but dang I would have beg, borrowed and stolen to have secured those frozen eggs.  Oh well I guess we'll just have to pray that next fall our one little guy survives the thaw and wants to stay around!

Now onto what's happening now.  Well I still haven't gotten my EI.  Yes that's right!  Crazy right?!?!  Every time I call there is some other gosh dang excuse as to why.  When I called on Monday they apparently had me listed as no longer living in Ontario so they were not going to pay out my maternity leave!  Freaking IDIOTS!!!!  I only talked to them 2 weeks ago!  For crying out loud do your gash darn job people!

LolaBean had her 4 (well 4 1/2) month well check today.  She is now 13.5 lbs.  Good Girl!  She is in the 50th percentile for weight and the 75th percentile for height!  So she is doing great!  She got 2 more shots today and 1 oral vaccine.  She was not a happy girl going to bed tonight!  She actually hasn't been sleeping all too well the last couple of nights.  I think she is working on some teeth right now.  We have decided not to get her ears pierced.  Actually it's me...I just can't purposely go and make my baby cry.  I know what a wimp I am, especially when I'm the one that fought so hard for JD to let me do it!  LOL! 

I should probably get to bed it's nearing 11 o'clock and lately Miss Bean has been getting up at 1:30, so I better try and get a couple of hours sleep!  I will leave you with another picture of Miss Bean and I...  I hope everyone is well out there in bloggy land!

Much Love!



Just the Tip said...

I had baby fever HARD right after P was born. Up until about 5 1/2 months or so, then it totally vanished. I think it's the hormones.

Would you try a different donor in the future?

Six cycles is a lot! I would love to donate but can't do so due to my medical history.

I hope your little frozen one is like super embryo!

Anonymous said...

Hey...LN10 is the result of an eSET...so...it only takes ONE!! And OMGAAWWWWWWWWWD about EI? Really??!!! I hope they get their $hit together and STAT! Sorry about your donor having maxed out her donations...this would suck big time. I feel for you and know what that would feel like. Here's hoping just one will do the trick.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon your blog from Hope's. I just wanted to say hi because I love finding other DE mommy blogs. I have a son via egg donation with SG also. He is almost 20 months!

We also have 1 totsicle on ice but I haven't even considered emailing to see if our donor has any eggs on ice. I don't think we could afford it either. My DH has also said if our totsicle doesn't work then he wants to adopt.

Glad to hear you and Lola are doing great!

Anonymous said...

I've been MIA for ages and am just catching up! Lola is adorable!!! I'm back in touch with SG as well and we have none on ice and our donor appears to be done after 2 cycles. egads. So back to the list and the choosing of another.