September 11, 2011

UpDate in Bullet Points!

Sorry this is going to be in bullet points but I'm trying to do an update before bath time...  And little Miss has been a bit of a fussy pants for the last 2 nights.  Not too sure why, but I think it has something to do with the fact that Daddy has been home this weekend so she is off schedule on her naps as he tends to wind her up!  Big Shocker!  LOL!  Anyway here's what's new in our world!

  • We have been to an Osteopath 3 times for Lola's torticollis.  It seems to be helping.  But dang is it ever expensive!
  • We have been to physio once, and we go again on Tuesday morning.  She gave us the stretches to do and one isn't too bad.  The one though is horrible and I can not do that to my baby girl, so Daddy does that stretch.
  • We had our 3 month well check on Thursday and Miss Lola is weighing in at 11.01 lbs.  My little chubby bunny!
  • She giggles all the time and is generally a very happy baby, except for last night and tonight...  And man am I ready to lose it!  She's been crying and fussing for over 2 hours now!  Holy Hannah!!!!
  • I think I am having a little bit of post partum...  I seem to be down in the dumps a lot lately.  I really have to pull myself together on a daily basis, as I don't want my baby to be affected by my mood. 
  • I've been back to the gym 5x now, and I signed up for boot camp, and learn to run 5km.  I'm starting back from scratch again after taking 9 months off.
  • We went to watch a triathlon this weekend and I am soooo doing that next summer.  So it's time to get my rear end in gear and get my body back.
  • I packed up all my maternity clothes 3 weeks ago...I sobbed...  What if I am never pregnant again? 
  • I have a super busy week this week.  Monday we have Mommy and Me, Tuesday we have physio, Wednesday Lola's photo shoot and the dogs to the groomer, plus my Mom is coming to visit on Wednesday until Saturday, Thursday we have the osteopath, Friday nothing and then Saturday we are having a few people over for an afternoon dinner party with their kids.  So busy busy!!!  Oh and Monday and Wednesday I have 2 classes at the gym.
  • I also signed Lola up for splish splash and that starts next Wednesday.
Okay so that's all I can think of right now.  I'm still breast feeding if anyone is interested.  I can't believe I've made it to 3 months doing this!  She still gets 2 bottles of formula a day, maybe more if we are on the go.  As I seem to never have time to pump.  Okay I better sign off it's 9:20 and it is bath, booby and bed!  Yahhh!  Let's see if I can get her finally settled down!

Much Love!



Brenda said...

Just LOOK at that little cutie pie! I'm sorry she has been having a couple of rough days. It really wears on you, I know. Great job w/ the b'feeding! I pumped for my twins for 4 months (they never could get the latch down) and supplemented them as well. I am always in awe of someone who tackles b'feeding! :D I hope you all have a great time at all your events this week!

Michelle D said...

I agree...awesome job on keeping up with breast feeding. Also can understand the feeling of being's a lot of new to take on and it sounds like you have a very busy schedule which can be rough when you are still adjusting. You are doing great though! Make sure to still make time for yourself. Take care.

LisainSK said...

She has the IDENTICAL grin to LN10!! She's soooo cute! I hear ya on the busy schedules...oiy! I hope that your PPD does not manifest itself worse. And good job on the BFing and fitness.