May 24, 2011

Still Here!

And still pregnant!  We've been very busy lately.  With at least 2 doctor's appointments a week, company, and trying very hard to get the house ready for baby girl, there really has been no time for blogging. 

The hard wooding project is finally done.  It took 2 weekends, but it's done, and looks fantastic!  The nursery is almost completely done.  We got the glider this weekend.  The only thing left to do is hang up her pictures and decals and then we are done!  I will get a picture up when it is complete.

I think I've figured out the insomnia problem.  It seems to happen on the days when I have NST test or Dr's appointments.  Apparently they are really worrying me, even though I keep telling myself that everything is fine.  Oh well!

Today I have to run to the hospital for the NST and then off to my local GP for a thyroid test, as I am totally out of meds!  Uh Oh!  I also am supposed to go to the Baby Store and get our registry updated, pick up Shampoo and Conditioner at the salon, and make a salon appointment.  Lots to do!  And everything is an hour or more away, so I best be getting in the shower and get ready for the day! 

I promise I will update with a survey and picture very very soon.  I'm always reading even if I'm not commenting!

Much Love!


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