March 8, 2011

Ultrasound Results FINALLY!

I've been quiet as I was waiting for the results from the specialist about our big u/s appointment.  I finally got the results today!  Perfect!  She looks great, growing on target, placenta has good blood flow, umbilical cord is functioning fine, no blood clots, and my 2 main arteries are feeding into the uterus fine!  Yahhhh!  Phew!  I feel like I can breath again!

I hate getting an u/s at the hospital, they never tell you anything, and they are so cold.  We have been sitting here for 5 days worrying.  But thankfully no more!  I guess the only thing left now for the papp a score is me.  I guess this means that I am at a risk for hypertension and pre-e.  We'll just have to watch, and I'll really have to watch my intake of sodium.

Other than that not too much else new here.  I'm busy at work trying to make up for the fact my mind has been somewhere else for 5 days.  LOL! 

Oh and here's the link to the site I ordered that t-shirt from...Infertility T-Shirts and more!

Much Love!


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LisainSK said...

YAY!!! So glad things continue to go well for you and DD...all my best!!