January 8, 2011

Rambling Thoughts...

If you've been following me you know our history and know why we had to go donor egg route.  When we made the decision to give up on my young/old eggs, we said we would revisit them after we had one child.  I'm still thinking about this...  I think when everything is said and done I may try and get a consult done with Dr. Check in NJ.  I've been diagnosed with POF for over 2 years now.  I've done oodles and oodles of research on it.  And with my fsh (72) he seems to be the only one willing to look into an attempt.  And he seems to actually have success with high fsh ladies.  Obviously I don't think he is a miracle worker but I do think that with everything my body has gone through in the last year that it might be worth looking into.

Here's why I think so...

For almost 2 years I was getting monthly dildo cam visits to check for follicles or cysts on day 2 of my cycles.  At every check there was at most 2 follicles, usually 1 or none.  This is why after getting the ridiculous FSH reading I finally threw in the towel completely.  However, fast forward 2 DE transfers, 2 failures, and surgery to remove some rotten tubes.  Mock cycle starts and we do an u/s to check for follicles and low behold there are 9.  2 months later we are doing another Day 2 check for the actual cycle and low behold there are 11 follicles.  WTF!  

Sure it's not the same resting AFC count a normal fertile woman would get but it is still a decent AFC count.  Plus I've heard of a lot of woman who have POF due to an Auto Immune Disease that seem to float in and out of POF.  Maybe I could be one of those woman!?  However we know it won't be one of those magical miracle Urban Legends (unless my tubes grow back), we will have to do IVF.

And I think it will be easier to look into giving it one more go after we have one child because we know if it doesn't work that I can actually get pregnant by DE, and that door is still open for us.  By the time I have this bean I will be 33, and if we have any chance of getting a miracle (genetic) child it is going to have to be quickly after beanie is born.  I don't know we'll see.  Maybe we won't.  Maybe my eggs are too risky.  High FSH can also mean abnormal eggs, so maybe it's just better this way to use a healthy donor and not risk a child being stuck with either fertility issues or Auto Immune Issues. 

Sorry these are the ramblings of a woman thinking about what's next!  And how soon can we go for another!  LOL!  I warned JD I wanted a big family!  LOL!

Lots of Love!



lis said...

Hi K, I *think* this is my first time commenting but I have been following along since just before your transfer. I wanted to let you know that I went to Cooper IVF for 2 years and saw Dr. Check. I had a successful cycle with them but unfortunately lost my twins at 20 weeks. If you have any questions about him or procedures there, let me know! Builtinbirthcontrol@gmail.com xoxo Lis

HopeBPatient said...

This is very interesting! And how you're thinking about this seems very reasonable. It's nice to know that you have options! I am beginning to really understand how grateful I am that science has given us this DE option. Hope all is going well with pregnancy #1!