June 13, 2019

I can now be found...

Over here : The Springford's

or : kspringmom on Insta

I've switched over to a Mom, Family, Day in the Life Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube style communication.  My life is just too ironic, funny, and lively not to share fully.  I'm closing up this style of blogging, Infertility. 

Infertility is such a hard discussion for me still.  I've struggled.  A LOT!  Even with my wonderful girls.  I still struggle.  I definitely have a form of PTSD from some major traumatic events in my life. The last two years changed me.  I'm different.  I can't come to this space and not have anxiety immediately.   There's too much trauma here.  Here I found out about my infertility.  Lost my tubes.  Spent butt loads of money getting butt needles 2x a week for years.  Had every allergic reaction to every fertility drug (hahahahaha!), lost our precious twin, had HELLP syndrome, lost Maddie, lost Tonka, my family fractured apart (alcoholic brother), discovered kidney defect, broke ribs, had marital troubles, almost lost my Dad, started having a nervous breakdown (seriously), and lost my sweet precious girl Lexxie. 

God that was hard to write.

But it's real.  I finally broke...

If your coming here for the first time, please don't think this blog is all doom and gloom.  Well...  Our journey was a comedy of errors that in the end led to two wonderful daughters.  And trust me the only way we made it through was with humour.  Dark humour.  But we made it.  And survived as a couple.  That's why it was so strange that I finally broke.  I have a philosophy I stole from (cough cough) Sur*v!v@r.  There are David's and Goliath's in this world.  Goliath's everything comes easy.  David's work their fingers to the bone and hit every god damn red light to get to half of what the Goliath achieves.  Well Jordan and I are two David's.  Which fucking sucks!  LOL!  If at least one of us was a Goliath, life would be so much easier, but maybe not as funny!

If your here for Donor Egg Infertility story, dig in, read away, learn what not to do and what to demand be done.  Learn from our story.  Trust me you can increase your own chances by advocating for yourself.  

If your here from our other new site, just to be know the back story of how we came to be, I hope you enjoy our story and can respect our decision to be honest about it all and not treat us like water cooler gossip about our children.

Much Love always,



S said...

So great to see a post from you. I've wondered how you are.

I am now following you on Instagram. :-)

Victoria said...

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